Functional Medicine-Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

As a Health Care Provider I am able to analyze, and interpret laboratory data for my patients. Functional Medicine is an approach to medicine that is becoming increasingly popular. Broadly speaking, it considers the whole, individual person – body, mind, spirit, and all aspects of lifestyle – and uses appropriate therapies, both conventional and complementary, intuitive and scientific, to support patients in a return to health.

Functional Medicine is particularly useful for complex, chronic health problems. Before coming to me, many of my patients have already taken considerable measures to become informed about their conditions and symptoms. They have done what they’ve been told to do to get better, but a return to full health has still eluded them.

I believe that surface symptoms can’t always tell the whole story, which is where thoughtful and comprehensive lab testing – with results interpreted from a Functional Medicine viewpoint – becomes essential. I use sophisticated laboratory testing (blood / urine / saliva / stool) to gain unique insight into the likely underlying causes of your health issues.


The lab testing I recommend is not simply about diagnosing illness but identifying hidden health trends away from optimal – and identifying underlying causes of illness to remove them. I will explain the results of these tests to you and provide you with a specific, targeted wellness plan that usually consists of specific dietary changes, lifestyle adjustments, and supplements, with the aim of helping you to get better, faster.

 Functional Medicine

This is why Functional Medicine is not nutrition. 


Nutrition is an intervention.

By definition, Functional Medicine is using a systemized approach to identify the underlying root causes while building a therapeutic relationship. Nowhere in there does it say nutrition, but still the myth continues.  What it does say is we’re using a systemized approach to identify the underlying root causes.  When it comes to underlying root causes, there are many. The key is to understand that Functional Medicine is a new way of thinking. It’s using a system to try and identify these underlying root causes. Really, it’s for us as practitioners to understand the inefficiencies of metabolic pathways, the inefficiencies of genetics and how all of that plays a role in a person’s current:

  • Lifestyle factors

  • Day-to-day stresses

  • Nutrition

  • Exercise or lack thereof

  • Relationships


All the factors that play a role in their current signs, symptoms and concerns and where they are right now.