Celebrating the hundreds of people who 
transformed their lives with the help of “The Functional Medicine Plan”

I am greatly appreciative of all the patients I have worked with over the years. The successes they have made in their care plans are what any doctor should hope to see.....I am truly grateful.  Dr. Aaron Mills

"I've had chronic life-long GI and sinus problems that no one else has been able to help.  After my first session with Dr. Mills there was immediate and substantial improvement. I also received immediate benefits for a pain condition that had existed for years.

I would highly recommend Dr. Mills." 

Young Entrepreneur

/// Nadine S.

"I highly recommend working with Dr. Mills. He is a skillful practitioner who took time to get to know me, my body and my unique situation. I always felt relaxed, heard and welcome. Initially, I contacted Dr. Mills to facilitate getting my body in great shape to handle pregnancy and to increase fertility. The benefits of seeing him consistently have been incredible. My body feels healthier, more relaxed and my chronic constipation issue went away completely. Its a miracle. I am deeply grateful for his time, services, open minded approach and humor."

Woman getting ultrasound

/// Alison C. 

"I go to Dr. Aaron for my allergies and asthma. He is always very thorough and takes the time to understand not just my symptoms, but also my eating habits and my state of mind at the time. He gives great treatments that provide relief right away and has given me some fantastic herbs that allow me to reduce the amount of steroid inhaler I have to take. He also talks about ways I can modify my eating habits to reinforce the effects of the treatment and herbs. Finding a good doctor isn’t easy; I’ve seen dozens of different people. I trust Dr. Mills completely."

Lying in the Grass

/// Elizabeth W.